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At dinner last night for my grandfather's 80th birthday, someone had ordered oysters for an appetizer (I dont eat oysters, btw). Anyways, my grandma made a joke saying "keep eatin, papa!" and then I looked at her and asked "Now, why do you want him to keep eating those?" She looked at me and winked as I started to yell "Ewww, gross!!" Then my little sister (who is 16, mind you) goes "is it because they are an aphrodite?" I had to correct her- "no, Kelsey, it's aphrodisiac." 
We all proceeded to "ewwwwwww and ahhhhhhh" some more. Then I decided to follow through with another joke saying, "Well, Nannie did just get her hip replaced." 

Everyone laughed.

Oh, did everyone laugh.